Sneha Blue is real healing made simple.

Yvette López and Ruby Renshaw are the founders of Sneha Blue Energy Boutique. They met at the Center of Inner Truth in Santa Fe, NM while enrolled in the Intuitive Healing Training and Certification Program via the Berkeley Psychic Institute founded in 1973 by Lewis Bostwick.

Their goal is to demonstrate the energy of love with the intention of imparting change, balance, and inner peace; allowing the body to heal spiritually and physically.

You will sense comfort in knowing that you are experiencing an effective and gentle way to keep healthy and happy.

Sneha is spirit-to-spirit communication and is a Hindu word meaning love or affection. Blue is a high vibrational color that helps the process of healing, holds the positive, and is the color of the feminine-healing-pure-source-christ-energy invoked in every treatment.

All Sneha Treatments, whether delivered in an individual or group setting, free you of stuck core issues, clear unwanted past energies and karma, deprogram negative memories, heal, and fill you with your own renewed source vitality.

You will feel centered, free, and strong in mind, body, and spirit.