Sneha Signature Yoga Treatments

Our Sneha Signature Yoga Treatments are focused on specific life, health and healing issues.

CALMING ANXIETY including PTSD : more details coming!

PURE ABUNDANCE Money and prosperity is a natural and basic gift we are given as part of being human. Any scarcity that exists is a disconnect in mind, body, spirit. In the Kundalini tradition, we are taught to recognize that we, ourselves, are sparkling diamonds. We can ask for what we truly want and expect it to come to us gracefully.

LEARNING TO LOVE AGAIN More details coming! dealing with divorce, separation, physical and emotional abuse.

OVERALL HEALTH RESTORATION More details coming! including abdominal energy healing

HEALING SEXUAL ENERGYWith space clearing and voice, Yvette and Ruby invoke Sneha or Feminine-Christ-Energy to clear unwanted past energies and karma, deprogram negative memories, release cords attached to you, and fill you with your own renewed source vitality.