Here at Sneha Blue we focus on bringing you new and unique yoga and movement experiences, all designed to move and groove your energy! See the Home Page for full schedule of classes >> Full Schedule of Classes

Belly Dance Learn basic belly dance movements with a second-generation pro. Shimmies, undulations, hip circles, chest circles, foot patterns and more. Offered by >> Jacqualine Almond

Burlesque let your inner sexy out – this class is all about seductive movement! Offered by >> Jacqualine Almond

Channeled, Intuitive, Yin-Style, Deep Stretch Level I : In this class, the facilitator intuits what your body needs through channel and information gathering. You’ll hold deep stretches for several minutes to increase blood flow, release fascia, and open muscles you didn’t know existed. Assists in healing the following: pain from anxiety and other emotional traumas, rounded shoulders, computer back issues, tight pecs, neck pain and immobility, carpal tunnel, text claw, stiff muscles from aging, bike butt, runner’s strain in calves and hamstrings, sleep disorders, upper and lower back pain, and so much more. Leave feeling like you’ve had a massage. All levels welcome as the poses are almost all completed seated, on your back, or on your stomach. Offered by >> Krista Burlae

Channeled, Intuitive, Yin-Style, Advanced Deep Stretch Level II : All levels of yoga welcome, but this class is best if you have some deep stretch experience. Ideal to this take right after the 6 p.m. Channeled, Intuitive, Yin-Style, Deep Stretch Level I class. After both classes, you’ll leave feeling ten years younger and sleep like a baby afterwards. If you can’t make the 6 p.m. class or haven’t tried deep stretch before, show up anyway. Adjustments will be made. Offered by >> Krista Burlae

Hatha Yoga Level 1/2 is an exploration into the basic poses of most yoga styles with an emphasis on alignment. Learn the alignment and mindset that allows your practice to improve making your body strong and flexible. A strong Hatha practice is the foundation you need for your life, improving circulation, strength, and, stability. All levels welcome as all poses are endless.  Offered by >> Krista Burlae

Nia Glow-in-the-Dark Free Dance is a conscious dance practice guided by licensed instructors who use soul-stirring music and eclectic sonic landscapes to help unleash movement creativity and promote personal healing through self-expression and awareness. Cultivate a deeper connection to body, emotion, mind and spirit as you explore and integrate new ways of moving in your own way and in your own time. Nia FreeDance is a barefoot practice, but inside-only shoes with non-marking soles may be worn if necessary. All fitness levels welcome. No experience required. Offered by >> Kate Latimer & Sarah Nickerson

Pilates Yoga is a combination of pilates and yoga focused on abdominal contraction and the lengthening of your core muscles. Offered by >> Jacqualine Almond

Vocal Alchemy & Inner Rhythm Movement Release the magic geometry of your voice,
vibrating the glands that open doors to the Divine. Tess Yong and Consuelo Luz use subtle movement and wordless intuitive singing to release crystallized patterns and free the voice to express the unknowable and awaken our dormant selves. 
Offered by >> Tess Yong & Consuelo Luz

Yoga Dynamics & Activation info on the way! Offered by >> Cynthia Casas

Yoga Essentials, Mastering the Basics info on the way! Offered by >> Cynthia Casas