Energy Healing & Reading Sessions are focused on getting to core issues (both past and present) that keep you from being fully and powerfully vital in your life. The sessions help you see what’s blocking you from your own happiness and health; grounding you strongly in the now.

You will feel centered, free, and strong in mind, body, and spirit.

The sessions are treatments focused on training the body and spirit to work together using Christ / Magdalena Healing energy. This powerful energy allows for humor, joy, forgiveness, patience, love, and release of anxiety.

Our Certified Energy Healers use hands on healing to remove negative cords that don’t belong to you along with psychically seeing your story; allowing them to read your past and present pictures. With this information, healers guide you to a healthier and happier life by sharing what you need to hear and see what’s blocking you from your abundance and happiness.

Happiness is your birth right.

Each treatment is created to remove unneeded energy from your mind, body and spirit. These energies can block us from having our own power and emotions; not allowing us to move forward on our own path.

Sneha Blue Energy Healers & Readers are Certified Energy Healers & Readers and are available for a special amazing 2-hour experience with two healers, as well as 1-hour sessions, and Mini-Thirty-Minute Sessions.

Special Mini-Thirty-Minute Sessions

BUSINESS HEALING We clear your business energetically to promote its success and flow.

CHAKRA CLEARING We align your chakras; allowing your own positive energy to gracefully flow through you.

GENERAL ENERGY HEALING  We help remove toxic and foreign energy out of your body and energy fields.

RELATIONSHIP HEALING We remove any pain and negativity that is blocking you from forgiving others and yourself so that you can move forward into your own happiness.

ROSE INTUITIVE READING We see where you are in your life growth cycle to empower you to jump-start any process of change in your life.

SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE We guide you through a path of positivity with information that is helpful and healthy and supports you to let go of anything that may be holding you back from your own spiritual path.

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