Here at Sneha Blue we have amazing individuals offering a variety of experiences. While each session is creatively and artistically unique, the goal of all Sneha Blue facilitators is to share the energy of healing, love and spirit.

Jacqueline Almond Jacqueline started teaching yoga and Pilates over 10 years ago. SheImage loves to combine the two styles as they compliment each other. The yoga lengthens the muscles while the Pilates contracts them.  Jacqueline also loves to combine any kind of dance movement to a work out routine. With a background in belly dance and burlesque she brings much of the focus to isolations in the core of the body and fluidity throughout the limbs.

Josh Fabia Apart from his innate understanding of the human body, Joshua hasImage 2 extensive specialized experience in defense, protection, human rights, and physical therapy. He holds certifications in martial arts, personal training, several military fields, stretch training, breathing and more. Additionally, Joshua has sought out experiential wisdom from elders and wise leaders all over the world. From them, in the depths of forests, jungles, and deserts, he learned universal, ancient concepts that enable us to reconnect, heal, and take control of our lives. Through these remarkable experiences, Joshua fully realized his calling to be a guide, leader, and trainer. He has used his knowledge of health, fitness, and healing to help thousands reach their goals, from Olympic-level athletes and special operations, military and law enforcement officials to individuals simply looking to better themselves.


Kate Latimer Kate is a Brown Belt Nia Teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching mind-body fitness. In addition to her training as a fitness professional, Kate is a licensed mental health counselor and brings a powerful transformative blend of mindfulness, playfulness, and emotional depth to her classes. She believes that awareness of the body is a gateway to personal healing on all levels and encourages her students to cultivate curiosity and compassion as tools for growth and change. Kate guides with the intent to create a fun, inclusive environment that fosters individual empowerment within a collaborative community.

Image 1Krista Burlae Intuitive, writer, entrepreneur, and lover of life, Krista Burlae has been intuiting the world around her and the experiences of other people through the tarot for twenty years. She is a certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine of Hay House. Krista loves artists of all kinds and enjoys using her gifts to help them find their bliss. She also teaches yoga using her intuitive skills.



Sarah Nickerson Sarah is a Black-Belt Nia Instructor and teaches Classic Nia, Move IT,and Nia FreeDance. Sarah brings a balance of power and play to all of her classes and supports every student on their path to living an authentic, joy-filled life through movement.

17191009_1907741339509463_7472248682925190535_nYvette Lopez Yvette works psychically with energy allowing her to see and tap into core issues. She then applies healing work with pure source energy; supporting and maintaining physical, spiritual and emotional restoration. Yvette offers intuitive readings, energy healings, and spiritual guidance. Born and raised in Santa Fe, NM, her connection to wellness started when her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. Yvette took it upon herself to learn natural ways to care for her grandmother. It was during this time she discovered her gift of healing and “seeing”. Yvette has studied Kundalini and Sikhism for over nine years and continues on her life-long journey to learn new ways of helping others through both Eastern and Western medicine. She is currently enrolled in a Intuitive Training and Certification program with the Berkeley Institute via the Center for Inner Truth in Santa Fe. Yvette also has a special connection to animals and helps with the healing or loss of pets. She is a dedicated voice for animal rights and is the owner of The Pet Grrrl.