All Sneha treatments are focused on a healing matrix integrated with breath, energy tools, mantra, and movement, we support you in releasing any unwanted or stuck energies — allowing you to feel centered, powerful, vital and free in mind, body, spirit.
Sneha Energy medicine,energy therapy, energy healing, or spiritual healings are branches of alternative medicine.

blue is the color we use to deprogram negative memories and energys

it’s a hight vibration color that helps the process of healing and hold positive energies


Yvette and Ruby are certified energy healers and psychic readers. Through this gift, they are able to work from the root of an issue, and through guidance, love and attention bring a change in mental, physical and spiritual health.

Using a unique integration of their gifts, while tapping into a healing matrix, they will take you through your journey to see where you are blocked energetically and remove all that is negative and blocking you from your truth and positive path.

Sneha is a Hindu word meaning love or affection, Blue is the color of the feminine-healing -matrix Yvette and Ruby invoke in every session.