Sneha (pronounced Snay-ha) in Sanskrit means love and affection ~ Blue is the universal color of healing ~ Sneha Blue is real healing made simple.

Sneha Blue Yoga and Energy Boutique offers a unique variety of Yoga, Dance, Self-Defense and Movement classes as well as energy healings and readings.

Our mission is to work with our clients to impart change, balance, health and inner peace in their lives using the simple, powerful, and pure energy of love.

In addition to our daytime classes, Sneha Blue is committed to providing fun, exciting, and healthy evening activities for our clients. Come experience our glow in the dark Shakti Yoga and Nia Free Dance, Burlesque, and Belly Dance classes!

Sneha Blue offers the best certified facilitators in Santa Fe who care deeply about our clients. We use our experience and and education to help our clients move stuck energy and replenish the mind, body and soul to support each individual to explore and evolve on their own path.